Diversity Consulting


Diversity, inclusion and equity is integral not only to the success of every organization public or private, but to our society as a whole. With a growing and more diversified workplace, changes in market trends, and an ever evolving global market, diversity and inclusion training is a pertinent step for any organization's success.

One of the most important aspects of my job as a trainer is helping organizations understand the insurmountable benefits of an inclusive and equitable environment. I work closely with clients to tailor each presentation to the needs of their organization, to their organizational goals, and together we plan a course for success.

I know the decision to bring in a trainer can be overwhelming. People’s experiences and areas of expertise range. I pride myself on creating an environment that is welcoming of questions, ideas, and differing perspectives.

Clients place their trust in me to discuss sensitive topics and foster change, and I do not take this responsibility lightly. I believe in a more personal, tailored approach vs. a uniform presentation because people matter—not just the numbers and research behind them.

There is no magic wand when it comes to diversity work. It takes communication, trust, and fact-based approaches embedded in best practices to help foster change. It takes a skilled trainer to cultivate a comfortable environment, establish rapport in a limited amount of time, and convey a transparent purpose that aligns with an organization’s mission.

Diversity, inclusion, and equity work contributes not only to productivity and innovation that increases the bottom line, but it also solidifies your organization’s long-term goals for sustainability and success.

I am here to assist whether you are seeking to-

  • train employees for the goal of ethical practices, work climate, and cultural understanding

  • help foster employee harmony, professional relationship building, and equitable practices

  • recruit and sustain a diverse workplace

  • revise or write mission statements with culturally inclusive language that will attract customers and talented employees

  • or seek consultation on a particular matter

No training is better than poor training. I understand the skepticism that surrounds diversity training that is why every session comes with a no "fluff" policy. Information is always applicable, informative, based on research and best practices, and one that fosters tangible change.

Online and on-sight training and consultation available

Please send a request for consultation at: info@nevienshaabneh.com