About Nevien

Nevien Shaabneh

Nevien Shaabneh is the daughter of immigrants who dissuaded her from majoring in writing in order to pursue a more “stable” career.  After teaching literature for well over a decade, Nevien decided it’s time to write her own. She is living proof that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. In addition to writing, Nevien is also a certified Diversity, Inclusion and Equity specialist. She travels the country and conducts small and large scale workshops, presentations, and formal and informal training.

She is known to be a savvy public speaker who weaves masterful storytelling into all her presentations. When Nevien is not writing, she can be found baking dozens of delectables or submerged in a novel with a large cup of coffee in hand.

Secrets Under the Olive Tree by Nevien Shaabneh
We are a people who tell stories, Layla. You will have your own story to tell.
— Secrets Under the Olive Tree