About Nevien

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Nevien Shaabneh is a certified Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity specialist and published novelist from the Chicagoland area. She travels the country and conducts small and large scale workshops, presentations, training sessions, and conducts consultations for a variety of organizations, schools, companies, literary agencies and private individuals on diversity, inclusion, and equity. She has a Masters in Arts and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Literacy, Language, and Culture with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion from the University of Illinois.

She is known to be a savvy public speaker who weaves masterful storytelling with research into all her presentations.


National Council of Teachers of English (11/21/2019)

Writer’s Novel Digest Conference ( 10/24/2019)

Diversity in Publishing: What Literary Agencies Need to Know (2019)

Untangling the Controversy: Hot Topics in Publishing (2019)

San Diego Writers Conference: Writing in Color  (2019)

Champlain University: A Seat at the Table: Amplifying Minority Women Voices

Society for Diversity : Unveiling Hidden Biases in the Public and Private Sector

University of Vermont: Panel: The Importance of the Muslim Woman Narrative 

Muslim American Society : The Importance of Diverse Narratives 

University of Vermont: Pass the Mic: Including Narratives from Marginalized Communities

Creating a Culturally Aware Classroom: Diversity Staff Training

Muslim Women’s Association: Youth Leadership Seminar: The Power of Words 

Depaul University Muslim Student Association Presents: The Muslim American Voice

Moraine Valley Community College: Arab-American Voices

Saint Xavier University Middle-Eastern Women’s Forum: Putting Diversity in Practice

Secrets Under the Olive Tree by Nevien Shaabneh
We are a people who tell stories, Layla. You will have your own story to tell.
— Secrets Under the Olive Tree